Long Overdue Newsletter

Opps, it seems like a year has passed since my last newsletter. With the NZ borders opening up again its been a busy southern hemisphere summer. But tracking back to the 2022 winter in NZ. Boy did we have a goodie. It started off with some of the coldest and […]

An Antarctic season like no other

After being recently released from MIQ I’ve certainly had enough time to reflect on the 2021/22 season in Antarctica. I guided two very high end expeditions to heli-ski and ski tour. With all the covid issues happening on around the globe it was far from easy travelling there and back. […]

Skiing the Seven Continents!

February 21 I skied in Morocco, completing my ambition to ski on all seven continents. Coincidentally it was just 364 days since I had skied in Kashmir, India, meaning that I’d skied them all within one year! So Asia (Kashmir) was February 2019, North America (Rogers Pass) was March, Europe […]

! Kilimanjaro Summit !

On October 9, 2019 I was stoked to complete climbing of the world’s Seven Summits (Mts Everest, Vinson, Aconcagua, Elbrus, Deanli, Carstensz Pyramid and Kilimanjaro). Sadly it was too windy to paraglide down as I did have my wing up there thanks to a very strong and immensely keen kitchen […]

Epic August of Powder Snow

When August 1 arrived, so did the snow and we enjoyed fantastic powder snow throughout the month. I had a special guest here from Canada and one special day we used a helicopter to ski all the way from Wanaka to Mt Cook and back, putting in 20 runs in […]

New Zealand winter off to a slow start

We had an unusually slow and warm start to winter this year. But come August 1st 40cms of snow fell and set the winter off in style with great powder skiing in the Buchannan Mountains near Wanaka. It proves that August really does remain the most reliable month to ski […]

Skiing Terrace Peak

I’ve been looking at Terrace Peak from home for more than 15 years. It’s west face glows in the afternoon sun. It’s all about timing, the right people and weather. Early September and it’s too dangerous (avalanches), too late and all the snow has gone. Finally pulled it off with […]

Private Iceland and Greenland Ski Tour Complete

I’ve just returned from another epic 3 weeks ski touring in Iceland and Greenland with six keen kiwi skiers. We met in Reykjavik and headed to the north side of the country. The skiing was amazing, high above the deep blue ocean. After a week in Iceland we flew to […]

Spectre Expedition Complete – photos uploaded

I’ve just returned from the 60 day Spectre Expedition. We covered 1,700km, climbed the Spectre mountain via  anew route and battled weather, sustrugi and crevasses. It was an amazing adventure and we completed it in good style. Possibly the first ever expedition of it’s type in Antarctica! Check out a […]

Off to kite ski and climb in Antarctica

At the southern end of the Transantartic Mountains lie a group of Granite mountains reminiscent of the famous Fitzroy massif in Patagonia called the Organ Pipe Peaks, a subgroup of the Gothic Mountains within the greater Queen Maud Mountains. Their centre piece the awesome spire of the Spectre. I’m leaving […]