Need a guest speaker to entertain and inspire your group?

Mark has several talks he can present to your group on topics ranging from climbing Mt Everest to being held in a shipping container at 4,000m for 5 days with no food or water in remote Papua. He has climbed many of the world’s highest peaks, traversed 2,000km across Antarctica with kite and skis, skied first descents and published a book called What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Click here to download a PDF of a story about his 55 day, 2,000km Antarctic Spectre kite ski expedition.

In 2018 he was a finalist in the New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year for my photo essay on The Spectre expedition.

Sample Talks Include:

The Spectre, Antarctica. 

Kite skiing 2,00km across Antarctica to climb a new route on one of the most remote mountains on the planet. 55 days, epic challenges, outstanding beauty, amazing teamwork and hard man-hauling. Mark was invited on one of the most ground breaking Antarctic expeditions in recent times. View a teaser slide show here.

Some feedback on this talk from well known NZ writer Shaun Barnett: In a mixture of stills, footage and audiovisuals, Mark gave a fascinating and humorous talk which showcased how modern-day adventurers use the wind and modern kites to travel as much as 200 kilometres per day. Permanently seared into my memory is Mark’s footage showing his companion’s sled speeding along the ice, and bouncing over the sastrugi, overlaid with the grim thought of Scott and his team man-hauling on their slow death march.

What Could Possible Go Wrong. 

It has been Mark Sedon’s mission in life to never waste a day. From a life filled with adventure growing up in the outdoors and travelling all seven continents of the world, Mark has extraordinary tales to tell, including some incredible accounts of survival when things go wrong.

From breaking his back when he was buried in an avalanche, to watching helplessly high up on an erupting volcano, starving for five days in a shipping container in remote Papua, and a yacht fire and broken mast in the Southern Ocean. Climbing Mt Everest, then saving a Sherpa’s life high in the Himalaya, and kite skiing 2,000km across Antarctica for two months in temperatures as low as -60 C to climb the most remote mountain on earth.

The talk will cover the highs and lows, the laughs and humility of Mark’s audacious adventures. He delivers an important message to every would-be thrill-seeker about understanding and mitigating risk and for those, like Sedon, happy then to accept the risk, it’s about living life to the fullest.

Climbing Mt Everest, Nepal. 

Mark has been on over a dozen Himalayan expeditions and carried his SLR camera to the top of the world. He has saved lives, guided people of all abilities and spent time with the local people. This talk will give you an insight into Nepal and the Sherpa people, their culture, their kids, their incredibly hard work ethic. Join Mark on a journey to Everest Base Camp, then follow their expedition up the steep flanks of Mt Everest. Lightening storms, extreme high altitude, cold and adventure………



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